DELIRYO: A Theatre Play for the 15th Anniversary of Teatro Komunikado in PUP Sta. Mesa

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March 21, 2017, Deliryo happened in PUP Sta. Mesa at College of Communication building. It is a theatre play that produced by Teatro Komunikado. The play was directed by Mr. Gerome Vallangca, vice chairman of TK ’04-06 Batch 1, and currently working as TV Producer in Viva Communication, Inc.

The play was about a mother who has multiple personality disorder that portrayed by Kath Nobleza as Teresa, which is the main character.

Multiple personality disorder causes Teresa to imagine, a delusion that she is talking to a person that does not exist.

Teresa has nine different imaginary characters that played by Ej Bingcol as Karlo, his son, Amir Luzong as Irvin, the attorney, John Ibareta as Osang, the gay who has a crush on Emmanuel Parian as Marvin, Louisse Dolores as Dante, Dianara  Angeles as Nida, the maid, Joyce Francisco as Kate, the youngest, Aica Magat as Ursula, the character…

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