Lou Holtz once said that you don’t have enough goals if you are bored with life and you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things–which in some ways hit me hard and ring me a bell saying “hey! keep moving!”

To be honest, I am an earthling who doesn’t draw her life using a timeline/time table because (1) I don’t want to disappoint myself (2) I believe that life has a doctorate degree (PhD) in Expectancy Violation Theory and (3) I have this philosophy that time limits us for greatness and awesomeness. In short: padayon.

So I realize that now is the time to turn my life into a magnificent story by making a list of the things I want to do in my entire life (regardless of time). Besides, my friends also have their own bucket list while mine stays inside my head lang.

Let the crossing out begin!

  1. Learn to cook decent meal
  2. Have my own room
  3. Make a photowall/wanderwall
  4. Manage my phone book
  5. Create a blog!
  6. Have my own laptop
  7. Have my own dslr camera
  8. Go tech-free for 24 hrs
  9. Compile my poems
  10. Be an author and published a book
  11. Delete jeje friends on Facebook
  12. Write a story for Palanca
  13. Get hired!
  14. Take my family for a dinner sa unang sweldo
  15. Treat Kesa
  16. Go to Enchanted Kingdom with NOMADS
  17. Baguio escapade (no work involved)
  18. Go back to Sagada with the love of my life
  19. Ride in an airplane
  20. Ride in an airplane alone
  21. Reconcile with a friend
  22.  Watch a movie in cinema alone
  23.  Treat a friend for a dinner
  24.  Have my calling card
  25.  Meet and greet with Georgina Wilson
  27.  Own a condo unit
  28. Have my own house
  29. Open a bank account
  30. Write someone a love letter
  31. Pay via bank deposit or money transfer
  32. Shop without looking at the price tag
  33. Get my braces off
  34.  Return all the things I borrowed
  35. Be part of a musical play
  36. Buy a pair of sunglasses at Sunnies
  37. Mini tattoo
  38. Fire dancing at Palawan
  39.  Join a camping
  40.  Start wearing ternong undies
  41.  Watch SUD perform ‘Sila’ live
  42.  Undergo an IPL treatment
  43.  Have an escapade with a friend (all expenses paid by yours truly)
  44.  Wear a couple ring
  45.  Watch AJ Rafael sing ‘Without You’ live
  46. Visit Rome
  47. Go to Paris
  48. Have a picture taken with someone under the Eiffel Tower
  49. See a Waterfalls 
  50. Go to the National Museum
  51. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  52. See hobbit huts in New Zealand
  53. Go to Boracay
  54. Watch sunset with him
  55. Kiss him at sunset
  56.  Stargazing with him
  57.  Silhouette photo of us
  58. Stay in an igloo
  59.  Explore a cave
  60. Ultimate spa session at Wensha
  61.  Wear a bikini
  62.  Skinny dipping at night
  63.  Play 20 questions with complete honesty
  64.  Bonfire (beach)
  65.  Experience hot spring
  66. Visit Sev’s Cafe
  67.  Ride a hot air balloon
  68.  Visit Acropolis in Greece
  69.  Climb something together
  70. Ride a Kalesa
  71. Visit Fort Santiago
  72.  Wear Filipiniana
  73.  Picture at the Great Wall of China
  74.  Hold a Tarsier and taste Chocolate Hills in Bohol
  75.  Be invited for an inspirational and/or academic talk
  76.  Handshake with Lav Diaz
  77.  Watch a concert local
  78.  Watch a concert foreign
  79.  Surf boarding sa Baler!
  80.  Sky diving!
  81.  Confess your feelings to someone
  82. Have an ultimate date with my mom!
  83.  Join an outreach program for Aetas
  84.  Meet Apo Whang-Od
  85.  See a snow
  86.  Go to Disneyland
  87.  Out of the country with Ate Mae
  88.  Out of the country with my family
  89.  Scuba diving
  90.  Visit Manila Ocean Park
  91.  Eat at Zark’s
  92.   Grant somebody’s wish
  93.  Get married haha
  94.  Learn to drive a car
  95.  Ride a zip line ride!
  96.  HongKong/Singapore with Aica and John
  97.  Sip a coffee at the top of the mountain
  98.  Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger
  99.   Go on a cruise
  100.   Stay in a five-star resort
  101.   Experience White Christmas
  102.   Visit Santorini, Greece
  103.   Put a Love Lock on Pont des Arts Bridge
  104.  Float at Dead Sea
  105.  Dance in the moonlight
  106.  Ride a roller coaster
  107.  Get my hair a digiperm
  108.  Have a Batanes getaway with him
  109.  Be a subject for nude painting and/or photography
  110.  Be an ultimate alalay for a day
  111.  Don’t speak for a day
  112.  Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square
  113.  Have acupuncture
  114.  Visit an orphanage


(and many more soon…)