Hi! I’m Wang


To be honest, introducing myself requires me a special effort to begin.  I find it too plain starting with “Hi! My name is…living at…blah blah blah” I mean, can’t we just spend some time together? And maybe from that you can tell it yourself.

For the sake of this blog, here’s some 20 interesting facts about me:


Photo by: Kevin Buenaventura


  1.  My real name is Dianara Dequiña Angeles. (So… saan galing ang Wang?) It was given by a high school friend as my code name being a member of Tropang Tooot. Besides, Wang is easier to pronounce than Dianara (not mentioning my friend who has some rrrr issue)
  2. “Are you a Japanese/Chinese/Korean?” Nope. I am a Filipino but my mother told me that  there’s a Japanese blood on my father’s side.
  3. I am already 21 years old but people mistaken me for a 14-year-old school girl. Advantage: “Bayad po. Estudyante.” *hides a grin behind a projected humble and sweet smile* Disdavantage: Bouncer said, “Pahinging ID.” *hands him my NSO Birth Certificate*
  4.  I am a Journalism graduate but refused to take the road in media industry simply because…hmmm how do I say “madumi” in english?
  5.  Occasionally extrovert, occasionally introvert. I can be your “Valkyrie on Saturday. My treat. G?” kind of friend or “Hi! I’m scared and awkward of people. Let’s #cuddleweather na lang”.
  6.   There are hype times when I just CAN’T. STOP. TALKING. to anyone. to anything. (like: hey! how’s the photosynthesis going so far?)
  7.  My first major role as theater actor was the character of Donya Dona in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero’s comedy play Basketball Fight.474671_3699074890567_837566911_o.jpg
  8.  I love arf! arf! more than meow! meow!. #NoHateJustLove
  9.  “What’s your ambition timeline” When I was young, my dream was to be an Astronaut -> clerk (the word sounds nice when i was younger) -> singer (I used to be church choir) -> cashier lady ( I was fascinated by the cashier toy at the toy section sa department store lagi kong binabalikan yon) -> world-class performer -> teacher-> writer -> i don’t know what’s happening i crie
  10.  You can simply get my attention by saying “libre kita fries” *winks*

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