20 interesting facts about me


Photo by: Kevin Buenaventura

  1.  My real name is Dianara Dequiña Angeles. (So… saan galing ang Wang?) It was given by a high school friend as my code name being a member of Tropang Tooot. Besides, Wang is easier to pronounce than Dianara (not mentioning my friend who has some rrrr issue)
  2. “Are you a Japanese/Chinese/Korean?” Nope. I am a Filipino but my mother told me that  there’s a Japanese blood on my father’s side.
  3. I am already 21 years old but people mistaken me for a 14-year-old school girl. Advantage: “Bayad po. Estudyante.” *hides a grin behind a projected humble and sweet smile* Disdavantage: Bouncer said, “Pahinging ID.” *hands him my NSO Birth Certificate*
  4.  I am a Journalism graduate but refused to take the road in media industry simply because…hmmm how do I say “madumi” in english?
  5.  Occasionally extrovert, occasionally introvert. I can be your “Valkyrie on Saturday. My treat. G?” kind of friend or “Hi! I’m scared and awkward of people. Let’s #cuddleweather na lang”.
  6.   There are hype times when I just CAN’T. STOP. TALKING. to anyone. to anything. (like: hey! how’s the photosynthesis going so far?)
  7.  My first major role as theater actor was the character of Donya Dona in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero’s comedy play Basketball Fight.
  8.  I love arf! arf! more than meow! meow! #NoHateJustLove
  9.  “What’s your ambition timeline” When I was young, my dream was to be an Astronaut -> clerk (the word sounds promising when i was younger) -> singer (I used to be a member of a church choir) -> cashier lady ( I was fascinated by the cashier toy at the toy section sa department store lagi kong binabalikan yon) -> world-class performer -> teacher-> writer -> i don’t know what’s happening i crie
  10.  You can simply get my attention by saying “libre kita fries” *winks*
  11.  Call me an old-fashioned woman but you can win my heart thru love letters + serenade + effort + warm hugs. (Why do small things occupy a big space in my heart?)
  12. I can’t survive a day without funny videos and sarcasm. And, leaving the house without a wrist watch feels so incomplete.
  13.  Have I told you that I’m still eating cerelac? And yogurt is my comfort food. And soya milk is my serotonin-activator.
  14.  I question the existence of cockroaches and spiders. I totally hate them!
  15.  There are 3 basic necessities of life: food, shelter, and clothing. But mine is 4 which is arts including music, film, poetry and  I doubt a person who doesn’t have sining sa katawan. Like, how can you survive life without it?
  16. You might unfriend me reading this in disgust but I love the smell of an old pillow case. What’s wrong with that?
  17. I always prefer scrambled egg for my silog. If it’s not, you can take it from me. I’m not going to eat that. Anyone who knows how to order my silog is automatically my best friend.
  18. “Love poems are too corny and cheesy eww” But that was before ’til a special guy came along and turn me into a drunk romantic poet at 2am.
  19.  My friends laugh at me for saying “Fan ako ng tinapay” to describe my great appetite for bread.
  20.  I can be your lover, food buddy, and travel buddy in one. *winks*

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